Questions about justice, which have occupied many scholars across different scientific disciplines, are ubiquitous in interpersonal relations, within and between communities, social groups, organizations, and states. They are at the core of social conflicts and they are essential for sustainable conflict resolutions.

Given the importance of justice issues in everyday life, ISJR was founded with the aim of advancing justice research in every way. Its mission is to further three main goals:


  1. To provide biennial scientific meetings and further opportunities for the scientific exchange of theoretical developments and recent research on justice-related issues
  2. To foster productive discussions of new ideas, basic and applied research, and theories relevant to justice

  3. To allow international and interdisciplinary cooperation in justice theory and research.

    ISJR consists of a network of scientists who work on justice-related issues. It represents many countries and a wide range of disciplines, including (social) psychology, sociology, business, political science, law-criminology, economics as well as other areas.